Make A Change


What is MAC Movement?

MAC (Make A Change) Movement was designed to sponsor families, with a focus on children, in times of need.

At the moment, MAC Movement is focusing on sponsoring Christmas for families in need around the Houston and surrounding areas.

Although this is our current focus, it is not our only focus.

Every situation is a case by case basis, but some things MAC Movement would consider sponsoring are: back to school supplies, clothing, sporting shoes / equipment, cap and gown, etc.

Although MAC Movement would like to help everyone, unfortunately we cannot. Please only apply for sponsorship if you or the family you are recommending is truly in need. Please be considerate and understand that by applying when you do not necessarily need it, you could be taking away from another family in need.

The woman behind MAC Movement

I am Chelsea Madani, the woman behind MAC Movement.

The first time I can remember feeling like I was meant to make a difference in the world, I was 7 years old and visiting my Grandmother in South America for the summer. I saw so many disabled people, families, and children on the street, I was heart broken. Although my family was poor, I had never seen so many people without food, clothes, or a roof over their head. I decided then that whatever I was going to do in my life, I wanted it to allow me to help less fortunate people.

In the years following this, I spent time volunteering with churches, going on mission trips, and volunteering at animal shelters. In fact, at one point we had 12 dogs, 16 cats, 2 birds, and a racoon. As much as my mother would like to tell you this is a joke, I couldn't stop bringing home animals that were wounded or needed a temporary home.

As my high school years were coming to an end, I started to think what is next? How can I give back and try to make the world better? My answer came in a way I never expected it to, and 6 days after graduating from High School, I left for the United States Marine Corps.

There were multiple programs in the Marine Corps that allowed me to spend time volunteering in communities across the US while on active duty. I spent 6 years, and a couple deployments, in the Marine Corps as an Avionics Technician on MV-22 Ospreys before a chronic pain condition caused me to be medically retired. Although this was heart breaking, and extremely hard to accept, I knew it was time to move on.

After leaving the Marine Corps, my focus was to move back to my lovely home state of Texas, and after over a year, it finally happened.

I currently work in Texas as a Field Service Engineer for an amazing company that provides diagnostic solutions which determine the source of disease and contamination to improve patient health and ensure consumer safety.

Although I love this job, I knew I could do more, and after months of thinking, MAC Movement came to life.

How can you help?

Not in need but know a family that is? Submit a recommendation form for them to be sponsored!

Want to become a sponsor? Email for more information.

Cannot sponsor a family but want to donate or volunteer? Email